What is Stretch Mark Camouflage Treatment?

With the use of the latest digital tattoo technology, we apply flesh or skin colored micro pigment ink into your stretch mark scars to make them appear as less noticeable as possible.

Before and after treatments

At Tattoo Aesthetics, our Stretch Mark Camouflage treatment depends on many factors such as skin tone, stretch mark scar color, location, and skin sensitivity.  We start by conducting a consultation where we determine the aforementioned factors.  Also during the consultation, we will test for any allergic reactions to our micropigments and get a skin color match to our pigments.  The client must wait several weeks to determine there is no adverse skin reaction to proceed to a treatment.   We will also determine if micro needling is necessary, or if its the only option.  After we find out that the client has no reaction to our micropigments, a treatment will be scheduled.

How long are the treatments and how long do they take?

The length of a treatment depends on the size of the area to be treated.  On average, a treatment area the size of a dollar bill takes around 45 minutes.  It typically takes several treatments to achieve desired results.

So will I be able to see the results immediately after?

It is possible, but again it depends on your skin tone, the scar, and the after care.  With a darker skin tone with light scars is easier see results of the camouflage than someone with light skin tone and light scars.  The full results of a treatment session will take approximately 4 weeks to show.  Also, properly taking care of the scar will help with seeing better results.  Remember, your treatment area will scab up and require healing like any regular tattoo treatment.

Is stretch mark camouflage right for me?

If you have stretch marks, we can give you a camouflage treatment, however, you may not require the use of micro pigment ink.  Some clients have skin tone and stretch marks that are too close in color for micro pigmentation.  The stretch marks are only visible due to the scarred skin is slightly lower than the unscarred skin.  In this case we would preform a “dry tattooing” or “micro needling” treatment.  This involves the same steps as a regular treatment, but without the use of any pigment colors.  The skin on the scars will be carefully damaged just enough to induce healing.  When fully healed, the scars will no longer be as deep as they were.  This will be cause them to be less noticeable.  Just remember, this treatment is to make them less noticeable.  Nothing will completely get rid of stretch marks.

Stretch Mark Camouflage vs Laser Treatments

While Laser Treatments do work on stretch marks by damaging the skin’s outer layer and forcing it to heal itself, similar to our Micro Needling procedures.  However, they do not put color back into the skin.  So almost all clients who use Laser Treatments for their stretch marks still have noticeable stretch marks.  In fact, many of our clients have had many Laser Treatment procedures prior to walking into our office.  Another huge difference is the cost of that treatments.  Laser Treatments could run $1,000 to $3,000 per session, and can easily end up costing the client over $10,000 overall.

How much will treatments cost?

This all depends on the size of the area needing treatment and the severity of the scar.  More severe scars will require additional treatments of the the same area to achieve the desired results.  To get a detailed estimate on pricing, you must book a consultation.

I’m ready.  How do I get started?

Book a consultation here.   During the consultation you may be tested to see if you are allergic to any of our micro pigments if you a history of allergic reactions.  After several weeks of no allergic reaction, you can book your first treatment.